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    How to Design a Low Maintenance House?

    If you are searching for easy to clean house ideas, then you are in the right place.

    Whether you are planning to design, build or remodel your dream home. Your choices in rooms’ layout, qualities and fixtures will decide the amount of time you spend in cleaning.

    Home cleaning is very important for one's health and wellness, as it means the number of bacteria and irritants are reduced as much as possible.

    There are some ways to help clean your house, choose the right equipment, accessories, and fixtures that, again, reflect your family’s lifestyle easily maintained.

    Tips to Design an Easy to Clean House

    Start With the Floor

    This is the thing that gets dirty the fastest. Hardwood floors are easy to sweep and wash too. If you must have wall-to-wall carpet, try limiting that to bedrooms, where you’ll tend to go barefoot.

    Keep Proper Dust Free

    Don’t confuse your home with too much home equipment or decor, or pepper your space with small pieces of furniture everywhere. The key to minimal cleaning is to keep things tokens and streamlined.

    Get Proactive

    When selecting tiles for your bathroom surfaces, go for large-format ones so you will have less grout lines to clean. Avoid decorative tiles that have visible grooves on them to decrease grime from accumulating.

    Keep Bedroom Clean

    Keep effects look arranged and tidy with plenty of built-in storage around the bedroom. We like bedside tables with drawers that can support stow away essentials rather than have them clutter around the table.

    Plan Storage Carefully

    This window seat storing is handy for holding extra lap blankets for the sofa. If this is a family room, games or toys might go in here. This would be much quicker than a hall private halfway across the house.

    Laundry Room

    Laundry shafts are low tech but need careful planning to trace them well. Bathrooms or halls near bedrooms are both best spots, making it easy for everyone in the family to refer dirty clothes straight to the laundry room.

    Rethink wall coverings

    Do you love wall cover but consider they will be hard to clean? Then think of vinyl wall coverings. These have improved so much over the past many years that now you can find options that mimic silk, grass cloth, linen and more. They are easily spread down, and they are reasonable.


    Clutter can be your main enemy when it comes to home maintenance. Be it the living room or the bedroom, all space in this home is spacious, with minimal clutter free.

    Make It Welcoming

    The entryway that you use regularly should be a welcoming area that is clean, clutter-free and organized.

    Venture with Colour

    The easy addition of a colourful wall or statement piece can transform the mood of any house.

    Keep Kitchen Clean

    Open kitchen plan is everyone’s dream, but if you cook often and tend to do heavy, Asian-style cooking, go for a closed kitchen instead to contain the grease and fumes in the cooking space rather than stick.


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